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Odd-even staggering of binding energies as a consequence of
pairing and mean-field effects

J. Dobaczewski,1P. Magierski,2W. Nazarewicz,1,3,4W. Satu\la,1and Z. Szymanski $^{1\dagger}$
1Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw,
ul. Hoza 69, PL-00-681 Warsaw, Poland
2Institute of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology,
ul. Koszykowa 75, PL-00-662 Warsaw, Poland
3Department of Physics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville,
Tennessee 37996
4Physics Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory,
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831

March 9, 2000


Odd-even staggering of binding energies is studied in finite fermion systems with pairing correlations. We discuss contributions of the pairing and mean-field to the staggering, and we construct the binding-energy filters which measure the magnitude of pairing correlations and the effective single-particle spacings in a given system The analysis is based on studying several exactly-solvable many-body Hamiltonians as well as on the analytical formulas that can be applied in the weak and strong pairing limits.


Jacek Dobaczewski