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In the present work, the effect of the EDF coupling constants on s.p. energies was studied in doubly magic nuclei. Calculations were performed by using the code HFBRAD [13], which solves the self-consistent equations with spherical symmetry assumed. Nuclei considered in our calculations were $ ^{16}$O, $ ^{40,48}$Ca, $ ^{48,56}$Ni, $ ^{100,132}$Sn, and $ ^{208}$Pb. The coupling constants $ C_m^0$ (5) corresponding to the Skyrme functionals SLy5 [14], SkP [15], SkO' [16], and SIII [17] were used. In order to consistently calculate the energies of the occupied and unoccupied states, the program was run in the HFB mode. Even if the pairing correlations vanish in doubly-magic nuclei, a residual non-zero pairing was kept and equivalent s.p. energies [15] were determined.


Jacek Dobaczewski 2008-05-18