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We show that single-particle energies in doubly magic nuclei depend almost linearly on the coupling constants of the nuclear energy density functional. Therefore, they can be very well characterized by the linear regression coefficients, which we calculate for the coupling constants of the standard Skyrme functional. We then use these regression coefficients to refit the coupling constants to experimental values of single-particle energies. We show that the obtained rms deviations from experimental data are still quite large, of the order of 1.1MeV. This suggests that the current standard form of the Skyrme functional cannot ensure spectroscopic-quality description of single-particle energies, and that extensions of this form are very much required.

Dependence of single-particle energies on coupling constants of the nuclear energy density functional

M. Kortelainen, J. Dobaczewski, K. Mizuyama, J. Toivanen

Date: May 18, 2008

Jacek Dobaczewski 2008-05-18