Principal investigator

Piotr Szymczak









Postdoctoral researchers

Max Cooper








Graduate students

Silvana Magni

(jointly advised with Mariusz Białecki)







Roi Roded

(jointly advised with Einat Aharonov and Ran Holtzman)







Rishabh Sharma

(jointly advised with Mariusz Białecki)








Past group members

Agnieszka Budek

(graduate student 2012-2016, currently at TradeLink LLC)







Filip Dutka

(postdoc 2015-2018, currently at Predictail)







Magdalena Gruziel

(postdoc 2012-2016, currently at the Institute of Fundamental Technical Research, Polish Academy of Sciences)







Paweł Kondratiuk

(graduate student 2013-2017, currently at Tradelink LLC)







Kamil Kwiatkowski

(postdoc 2014-2017, currently at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modelling)







Florian Osselin

(postdoc 2014-2016, currently at the University of Calgary, Canada)







Michał Pecelerowicz

(graduate student 2013-2017, currently at HSBC Poland)







Karine Petrus

(graduate student 2013-2016, currently at CEA Saclay, France)







Hanna Trędak

(graduate student 2011-2015, currently a freelance Android developer at Santa Clara, California)







Paweł Żuk

(graduate student 2012-2016, currently at Princeton University, USA)