• GRPY (Generalized Rotne-Prager-Yamakawa) package
  • The GPRY is an open source FORTRAN package for calculation of hydrodynamic properties of rigid bead models of macromolecules. The package uses generalized Rotne-Prager-Yamakawa approximation of hydrodynamic interactions to compute translational and rotational diffusion coefficients, rotational relaxation times, sedimentation coefficient, and intrinsic viscosity. It generalizes previous approaches in a number of important ways, allowing for the use of overlapping bead models with different-sized beads, which provide a faithful representation of a macromolecular shape using a relatively small number of beads. Additionally, due to the inclusion of the dipolar degrees of freedom in the mobility matrix, it allows for a direct calculation of intrinsic viscosity, without the need of shape-dependent correction factors, used in previous approaches.

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