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The fun

Swimming links    

  • [in Polish] My swimming tips - many excellent drills and bright observations ;).
  • Total Immersion - the site I found most helpful in improving my freestyle. Many bright observations, descriptions of some drills (freestyle, some for butterfly).
  • Swim Tips - many drills for all the styles. Includes dictionary of swimming terms (you probably know what "a pool" is; but what is "a kickboard"?).
  • Coachscope - includes tips, many pictures (underwater video snapshots) and "Common Stroke Mistakes" section. Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.
  • Letter of the strokes - tips illustrated with pictures. After working out exercises from the Total Immersion I haven't found these that enlightening, but maybe you will ... Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly.
If you know about any good site providing information about breaststroke please, let me know. I must say that drills and hints for this swimming style are very hard to find (well, at least I haven't found any good).

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