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Homepage of Dr Marek Więckowski 



In this page:

PhD thesis

I wrote a PhD thesis "The description of bound states and scattering processes using Hamiltonian renormalization group procedure for effective particles in quantum field theory" (in English) in Division for Theory of Hadrons and Leptons of Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University. The thesis is currently being read by the referees, and the defence is to be in the fall 2005.

My thesis concerns the derivation of dynamics of bound states in terms of effective particles from fundamental quantum fields theory, allowing at the same time a relativistic description of scattering processes. [the abstract of the thesis] [full text, pdf, 1.5MB]

Main research interests

  • hadron spectroscopy and phenomenology (relativistic effective Hamiltonian models)
  • Hamiltonian renormalization group in QFT
  • QCD
  • light-front QFT


Large-momentum convergence of Hamiltonian bound-state dynamics of effective fermions in quantum field theory
Stanislaw D. Glazek, Marek Wieckowski
Contributions to the bound-state dynamics of fermions in local quantum field theory from the region of large relative momenta of the constituent particles are studied and compared in two different approaches. The first approach is conventionally developed in terms of bare fermions, a Tamm-Dancoff truncation on the particle number, and a momentum-space cutoff that requires counterterms in the Fock-space Hamiltonian. The second approach to the same theory deals with bound states of effective fermions, the latter being derived from a suitable renormalization-group procedure. An example of two-fermion bound states in Yukawa theory, quantized in the light-front form of dynamics, is discussed in detail. The large-momentum region leads to a buildup of overlapping divergences in the bare Tamm-Dancoff approach, while the effective two-fermion dynamics is little influenced by the large-momentum region. This is illustrated by numerical estimates of the large-momentum contributions for coupling constants on the order of between 0.01 and 1, which is relevant for quarks.
Fourth-order similarity renormalization of a model Hamiltonian
Tomasz Maslowski, Marek Wieckowski
We study the similarity renormalization scheme for Hamiltonians to the fourth order in perturbation theory using a model Hamiltonian for fermions coupled to bosons. We demonstrate that the free finite parts of counterterms can be chosen in such a way that the T matrix is covariant up to the fourth order and the eigenvalue equation for the physical fermion reduces to the Dirac equation. Through this choice, the systematic renormalization scheme reproduces the model solution originally proposed by Glazek and Perry.

Conferences, conference papers and QFT schools

I have participated in 12 international conferences and schools in the US, Germany, Russia, France, Italy and Poland, and presented four conference papers.
December 12-13, 2003, Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University
Warsaw, Poland
IFT UW symposium
I gave a lecture "Dynamika czastek efektywnych w kwantowej teorii pola" ("The dynamics of effective particles in QFT").
August 5-9, 2002, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Los Alamos, USA
Conference "Light-cone 2002"
I presented an invited lecture "Large-momentum convergence of Hamiltonian bound-state dynamics of effective fermions in quantum field theory", see the [lecture transparences].
June 12-17, 2000, Heidelberg University
Heidelberg, Germany
X. International Light-Cone Meeting on Non-Perturbative QCD and Hadron Phenomenology, "From Hadrons to Strings"

May 19-23, 2000, Physics Dept. of Jagiellonian University
Cracow, Poland
Conference "MESON 2000"

April 29 - May 3, 2000, Physics Dept. of Jagiellonian University
Cracow, Poland
Cracow Workshop "Semihard QCD"

July 6-15, 1998, Euler International Mathematical Institute
St. Petersburg, Russia
Conference "Small-x Physics and Light-Front Dynamics in QCD"
I gave an invited talk about the theory of effective Hamiltonians in Quantum Field Theory.

Two pictures: [1], [2] from the conference [photo album].

February, 1997, Ecole de Physique
Les Houches, France
6th International Workshop On Light-Front Quantization And Non- Perturbative QCD.
I gave a seminar talk "Fourth-order similarity renormalization of a model Hamiltonian".
August, 1996, Physics Dep. of Jagiellonian University
Cracow, Poland
During Polish-German students' meeting I gave the lecture "Anomalies In Quantum Field Theories".
July 25-31, 1996, Warsaw University
Warsaw, Poland
28th International Conference On High Energy Physics

June 27 - July 7, 1995, International School of Physics "Enrico Fermi"
Varenna, Italy
I participated in a course "Selected Topics In Non Perturbative QCD".
June 20-23, 1995, Physics Department
Regensburg, Germany
5th Meeting On Light-Front Quantization And Non-Perutbative QCD

During a two-week stay at Ohio State University (Columbus, USA, February 1996) I took part in a three-day workshop with Prof. Kenneth Wilson.

I also helped organize a workshop "Theory of hadrons and light-front QCD" (Fourth International Workshop on Light-Front Quantization and Non-Perturbative Dynamics), Zakopane 1994.

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