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Homepage of Dr Marek Więckowski 

How to get to my faculty?

Hoza 69 The address is:
Institute of Theoretical Physics
Physics Department of Warsaw University
ul. Hoza 69,
00-681 Warszawa, Poland

room #125 in IFT
phone: (+48 22) 553 23 57

Hoza street, between Chalubinskiego and Plater streets, photo of the building: [hoza1], [hoza2]. Marked "TU" on the map to the right.

The closest bus-stops are:

  1. "Koszykowa" - trams only, crossing of Chalubinskiego and Koszykowa (to get there you can take any tram from Pole Mokotowskie metro station).
  2. Dworzec Centralny (Central Railway Station) - a bit farther.
Car owners: Hoza is one way, you can drive east only (i.e., in direction towards Wisla river).

Note that after 7:30pm the doors to the building and the main gate are closed.

How to get to my flat?

Marszalkowska 19 m 23 The address is:
Marszalkowska 19 m. 23
Warszawa, Poland

phone: (+48 22) 825 48 55

The building is on a corner of Marszalkowska and Oleandrów streets (entrance from Oleandrów side), between Marszalkowska and Polna streets. The closest tube is Politechnika - see the map to the right.


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