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Homepage of Dr Marek Więckowski 



I have many years experience programming in C++. I can also program in C, Fortran, Pascal, Visual Basic, PHP and shell (bash, tcsh, awk). I know HTML, javascript and basic Perl, Python and Tcl/Tk. Moreover, I am able to learn new languages rapidly -- I learned Gimp scripting quickly and subsequently used a number of scripts that I wrote myself, some of which were highly complex.

I have practical experience using debuggers and instruments for testing memory leaks and other bugs.

I am proficient at all Microsoft Office programs, Linux and Unix (Sun Solaris).

a program for learning to read music

I am the creator of this self-instruction program for learning to read printed music. The program design was focused on algorithms for intelligent learning, teaching users to recognize musical notes quickly in the treble and bass clefs. The software is designed as a computer game, being based on the principle of learning through play.

The program is written in C++ using the Qt library, drawing on the principles of object-oriented programming. It has a clear graphical user interface and uses multi-threading and inter-process communication. Its open programming further allows other programmers to contribute to its construction -- there are currently ten people around the world involved in developing the program under my leadership. One current area under development would allow users to respond via a microphone, playing the required note on an instrument rather than clicking on the name of the note or on the virtual piano keyboard shown on the screen.

Within the project, I am also responsible for finding memory errors. For this, I primarily use Valgrind, which detects use of uninitialized memory, different memory reading/writing errors, memory leaks and other common errors.

I also created the internet site for the project (see link above). This is based on MySQL database and uses PHP scripts. For the graphics for the website and the graphic elements of the program itself I used Gimp -- the equivalent of Photoshop in Linux.

Program for invoicing and stock-control; training courses in general computer skills and Microsoft Office; creation of a local area network

For Alco s.c., a company engaged in the import and sale of water filters and equipment for domestic and small-scale industrial usage, I wrote a program containing a database of client information, stock levels and prices of goods sold, and able to issue VAT invoices on the basis of this information. The program was written in Visual Basic and uses MS Office.

In addition, I ran trainings for Alco's staff on general computer skills, Microsoft Office and the invoicing and stock-control software.

I also designed and set up a small computer network for the company.

Numerical calculations

My research requires me to program in C and Fortran (see Phys.Rev.D66).


postepy - web
plumplum - web

perl: higlight.cgi

I also use my own scripts in shell (bash/awk) on a daily basis.
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python patch:

other patches

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