My interests lie in the field of soft matter physics and statistical description of mesoscopic phenomena, such as dynamics of Brownian particles. In diffusive systems, hydrodynamic interactions play a crucial role. The solvent-mediated interactions, which are long-ranged, many-body and dynamic, make these systems very complex.

Diffusion of complex-shaped objects

Soft matter diffusive systems of complex shape involve a very rich dynamics. The viscosity-dominated fluid flows depend crucially on the shapes of immersed objects. When tracking diffusing anisotropic microparticles, it is also important to consider the choice of a reference centre, which significantly influences the measurements and qualitatively alters the experimentally determined time-dependent probability distribution functions for the position and orientation of a colloidal particle.

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Hydrodynamic synchronisation

Soft matter systems involving ciliated and flagellated organisms exhibit stunning coordination of their motion. A strong role in the route towards synchrony of such elastic beating filaments may be ascribed to hydrodynamic interactions mediated via the suspending fluid. Our aim is to explore hydrodynamic effects in synchronisation of model colloidal systems, which may be precisely manipulated in laboratory conditions using optical traps.

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Phoretic flows

Phoretic flows due to the interactions of solid boundaries with local chemical gradients pose a promising mechanism for microscale fluid manipulation, transport, and propulsion. Local gradients of the diffusing solute induce a slip flow along the surfaces of immersed bodies, leading to a slip surface flow which can be used for propulsion or stirring the surrounding fluid. In our work we investigate the flow characteristics in various phoretic systems.

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Near-wall colloidal dynamics

Hydrodynamic interactions with interfaces play a dominant role in confined colloidal suspensions, strongly modifying particles' mobilities near a surface.

I study the dynamics of colloidal particles near interfaces (walls, elastic membranes), exploring the coupling of the bulk hydrodynamic properties of colloids to the anisotropic hydrodynamic interactions with confining boundaries.

I am also interested in theoretical description of Evanescent Wave Dynamic Light Scattering (EWDLS) Experiments. The technique allows for probing the dynamics near an interface with a penetration depth which can be tuned, giving information about diffusive properties of the system.

I benefited from the International PhD Projects MPD Programme from the Foundation for Polish Science.

I was also leader of the project Dynamics of axisymmetric colloidal particles in the presence of a wall, financed within the PRELUDIUM programme by the National Science Centre (Poland).

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