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PhD dissertation

Evanescent wave dynamic light scattering by optically anisotropic Brownian particles,
University of Warsaw, 2015.

Other works

(A) Four approaches to hydrodynamic Green's functions - the Oseen tensors.
M. Lisicki, [arxiv.org: 1312.6231]

(B) Einstein - de Haas effect,
T. Bobiński, P. Dębski, M. Lisicki, K. Wójtowicz, M. Zielenkiewicz, in: Proceedings of the XVIII International Young Physicists' Tournament, Winterthur 2005.

Popular science papers

(C) Fatamorgana w miniaturze [Mirage in miniature],
M. Lisicki, Delta, 10, 2008. [pdf]

(D) O rysowaniu zderzeń [On drawing collisions],
M. Lisicki, Delta, 3, 2010. [html]

(E) Dlaczego woda wylewa się z wiadra? [Why does water pour out from a bucket?],
M. Lisicki, Delta, 10, 2010. [html]

(F) W pół drogi do nieskończoności [Halfway to infinity],
M. Lisicki, Delta, 7, 2013. [html]

(G) Microworld Hydrodynamics,
M. Lisicki, SPP Reviews, 2016. [html]