School and Mini-Workshop on
Geometry of ODE's and Vector Distributions

Stefan Banach International Mathematical Centre
Institute of Theoretical Physics, Warsaw University

Warsaw, January 5-16 2009

Organizers: Bronislaw Jakubczyk, Pawel Nurowski, Ben Warhurst

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Speakers include:
  • I. Anderson
    Symmetry reduction of differential systems and the classical integration method of Darboux, Lecture I
  • A. Cap
    Semisimple representation theory in geometry, correspondence spaces, twistor spaces, and analogues of the Fefferman construction
  • B. Doubrov
    Non-parabolic Cartan geometries associated with finite-type differential equations and non-holonomic vector distributions of rank 2, Lectures 1,2,3
  • M. Dunajski
    Projective structures, twistor theory and ODEs, Lectures 1, 2
  • M. Godlinski
    GL(2,R) geometry of ODEs
  • B. Jakubczyk
    Equivalence of generic distributions and their singular curves
  • B. Kruglikov
    Classification of 2nd order ODEs: Tresse and beyond. Differential invariants, finiteness theorem and examples Lectures 1,2
  • V. Lychagin
    Differential invariants for feedback equivalence of control systems Lecture
  • Y. Machida
    Differential equations associated with cone fields
  • T. Morimoto
    Tanaka theories, surroundings, and developments - Geometry of differential systems, geometry of differential equations, and Cartan connections
  • P. Mormul
    Nilpotent approximations in the tower (called Monster) of Goursat distributions of various ranks
  • W. Respondek
    Geometry of Cartan distributions; From first order ODE's on a manifold to mechanical second order ODE's on a tangent bundle
  • J. Slovak
    Weyl structures for parabolic geometries, with applications to construction of Cartan connections and invariant operators Article that covers the lectures
  • D. The
    Contact geometry of hyperbolic equations of generic type Lecture
  • B. Warhurst
    Rigidity of fundamental graded Lie algebras and Carnot groups