Topological photonics

Jacek Szczytko We will design, fabricate and investigate photonic structures to start an innovative integrated hybrid organic/liquid-crystal system for room temperature BEC research and applications. Our disruptive innovation is based on the idea of external electrical control over spin-orbit coupling due to artificially engineered fields acting on photons, which has never been realised in photonics. We will create topologically protected states of light: unidirectional flow robust against backscattering and vortex states carrying quantised angular momentum. We will utilise the strong non-linearities observed in organic microcavities and SOC in liquid-crystal cavities to the demonstrate single photon polarisation switches capable for ternary logic. Our OLC microcavities (MCs) platform will combine a strong emissivity with the ease of fabrication, low costs, and scalability and room temperature operation.

Exciton-Polariton Research Group

Polariton lab In our group we developed new kind of structure for investigation of strong coupling at room temperature using as a cavity material liquid crystals (LCs). Their use allow for ease tuning, important to adapt to the cavity resonance with the excitonic mode in the emitter and reaching strong coupling regime. Tunability is possible due to tilting of the anisotropic LC molecules induced by electric field applied to the whole structure. The big advantage of the LC microcavities is the simplicity of operation and the ability to work at room temperature. We investigate LC cavities with entire class of emitters: transition metal dichalcogenides, quantum dots, dyes, perovskites etc.

Magnetooptics of nanomaterials

Jacek Szczytko I'm responsible for magnetooptics laboratory. We have confocal microscopy (Attocube CFM) with 9.0T magnet, temperature in the cryostat 2.0-300.0K; Oxford Instrumets Optistat MO (5.0T magnet) with microscopic objective and Spectromag-10 (10T magnet) for 4-axis optical measurements.

We have Ti-Sa laser (Coherent MBR PS 110) with Coherent Verdi 10W pump + several laser and white light sources.

We investigate semiconducting nanostructures (QD, QW), polariton condensates, 2D materials (MoS2)

Magnetooptics Laboratory was equiped 2011-2013 by CEZAMAT.

SQUID magnetometry

Jacek Szczytko I'm responsible for SQUID magnetometry laboratory at the Institute of Experimental Physics at the University of Warsaw. The laboratory has two SQUID magnetometers (Superconducting Quantum Intereference Devices): Quantum Design MPMS XL-7 with 7.0 T magnet and temperature range 1.5-400.0K and Cryogenics Ltd. SQUID (0.0-6.0T, 4.0-300.0K).

The QD MPMS XL-7 system was bought in 2011 from the project Centre for Preclinical Research and Technology (CePT)

I'm involved in the investigations of magnetic nanomaterials, magnetic molecules, molecular magnets and magnetic liquid crystals.

Spectrophotometer CARY 5000

Varian Spectrophotometer CARY 5000 with VASRA (Variable Angle Specular Reflectance Accessory), DRA -2500 (integrating sphere) and optical cryostat 4.0-300K.

CARY 5000 was bought in 2011 from the project Fizyka u podstaw nowych technologii.


I have Nanosurf Easy Scan II STM (scanning tunneling microscopy) system.