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Local Density Approximation for proton-neutron pairing correlations. I. Formalism

E. Perlinska, S.G. Rohozinski, J. Dobaczewski, and W. Nazarewicz

60th draft: October 1, 2003, today: 3 January 2004


In the present study we generalize the self-consistent Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov (HFB) theory formulated in the coordinate space to the case which incorporates an arbitrary mixing between protons and neutrons in the particle-hole (p-h) and particle-particle (p-p or pairing) channels. We define the HFB density matrices, discuss their spin-isospin structure, and construct the most general energy density functional that is quadratic in local densities. The consequences of the local gauge invariance are discussed and the particular case of the Skyrme energy density functional is studied. By varying the total energy with respect to the density matrices the self-consistent one-body HFB Hamiltonian is obtained and the structure of the resulting mean fields is shown. The consequences of the time-reversal symmetry, charge invariance, and proton-neutron symmetry are summarized. The complete list of expressions required to calculate total energy is presented.

Jacek Dobaczewski 2004-01-03