The Home Page of Andrzej Trautman

A short autobiography in English and an old photo
Życiorys po polsku

Spis publikacji w formacie LaTeX / List of publications
Grupy oraz ich reprezentacje, wydanie 4. (plik w formacie pdf) / Notes on Groups and Their Representations (in Polish)

O tym, jak nietoperze obaliły teorię względności (How bats have proved the theory of relativity to be wrong; an article in Polish; pdf format)

Laudatio for Roger Penrose on the occasion of  conferring on him the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of Warsaw University (29  August 2005); pdf file

Spinory i twistory (transparencje do referatu na seminarium, 20 i 27 lutego 2009)

Algebry Clifforda i spinory (transparencje do referatu 26 lutego 2010)

Ostatnie publikacje w formacie ps lub pdf / Recent publications in ps or pdf format

Geometric aspects of spinors
Generalized pure spinors (co-author: K. Trautman)
Pin structures and the modified Dirac operator (co-authors: M. Cahen and S. Gutt)
Clifford and the `square root' ideas
Excerpts from my old lectures on spinors
Pythagorean spinors and Penrose twistors
Reflections and spinors on manifolds
Relativistic gravitational fields with close Newtonian analogs (co-authors: P. Nurowski and E. Schucking)
On complex structures in physics
Gauge and optical aspects of gravitation
Spin spaces, Lipschitz groups and spinor bundles (co-author: Th. Friedrich)
Double covers of pseudo-orthogonal groups
Robinson manifolds as the Lorentzian analogs of Hermite manifolds (co-author: P. Nurowski)
Robinson manifolds and Cauchy-Riemann spaces
Robinson manifolds and the shear-free condition
Two approaches to spinor fields (transparencies for talk at Peter G. Bergmann Memorial Symposium)
Clifford algebras and their representations
The Einstein-Cartan theory
The Dirac operator on hypersurfaces
On eight kinds of spinors
Connections and the Dirac operator on spinor bundles
Remarks on the history of Lie differentiation
Myron Mathisson: what little we know of his life (co-author: Tilman Sauer)
Transparencies for a talk on twistors (given at the Conference "On the Road to Reality with Roger Penrose" Warszawa 17 May 2010)
Transparencies for the talk "Compatibility of conformal and projective structures on manifolds" (Warszawa 12 April 2013)
A few oldies:
On the conservation theorems and equations of motion in covariant field theories (scan of a 1956 paper)
Invariance properties of physical theories (pdf file with the text in French of a conference given in 1963 at the College de France)
Sol's of Maxwell and Yang-Mills Eqs Associated with Hopf Fibrings (1977 paper)
Yang-Mills theory and gravitation: a comparison (pdf file from LNM 926 (1981))
Comparison of Newtonian and Relativistic Theories of Space-Time (scan of a 1964 paper)
A simple proof of the Robinson theorem (text of talk given at Journees Relativistes 1983)
Optical geometry (paper with Ivor Robinson, presented at a conference in 1988)