The physics of condensed matter 1100-4INZ`PCM

Inzynieria nanostruktur

Jacek Szczytko, tel. 22-55.32764


Quiz (kartkówka) 20p.
2 tests (3 exercises) 2x30p = 60p
Activity in exercises (dr hab. Aneta Drabińska) 20p
passing grades: minimum 50p/100p
Exam: final test (40p) and oral exam
oral exam - minimum 70p/140p

Exercises are mandatory dr hab. Aneta Drabińska


Results of 2015/16 exam will be in USOS.
ORAL exam on Monday-Wednesday 1-3 of Fenruary ul. Pasteura 5. QUESTIONS 2015/16
In order to participat in oral exam one has to have min. 70 points. It is allowed to have one page A4 with handwriting notes. The up-to-date list of students for the oral exam is HERE