prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Byczuk

Professor at University of Warsaw, Faculty of Physics

Director of the Institute of Theretical Physics

Contact address:

Institute of Theoretical Physics
Faculty of Physics
University of Warsaw
Pasteura 5
02-093 Warsaw

Office Office: A 5.12

Phone Phone: (48) 22 55 32 912

Phone Fax: (48) 22 55 32 995

Mailbox Email:

About myself

arXiv and selected publications
cv + publication list

About illustrations in physics

levitron movie
ZPS-2018/19 Fizyka Statystyczna
Mechanika kwantowa w Mathematice
Elektrodynamika w Mathematice

About my teaching

Advanced Graduate Quantum Mechanics 2021/22
Statistical Physics A 2020/21
Notes on elements of thermodynamics
Topics in Many Body Theory
lectured with Pawel Jakubczyk
Lecture and tutorial notes
Advanced Graduate Quantum Mechanics 2020/21
Lecture notes
List of homework problems
Statistical Physics A 2020/21
Lecture notes
Advanced Quantum Mechanics of Many-Body Systems 2020/21
Tutorials and Homeworks
Elektrodynamika IN 2019/20
Wstep do fizyki transportu w ukladach biologicznych 2019/20
BEC, Superconductivity, Superfluidity 2017/18
Mechanika osrodkow ciaglych, cwiczenia 2017/18
Mechanika kwantowa 2016/17

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