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snail-mail: Centrum Fizyki Teoretycznej PAN,
Al. Lotników 32/46 02-668 Warszawa, Poland

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Wybrane wykłady jako prezentacje w pdf/ Selection of talks as pdf presentations

Ostatnie publikacje / Recent publications:

"Exceptional real Lie algebras f4 and e6 via contactifications" [arxiv.pdf ]
"Infinitesimal CR symmetries of accidental CR structures" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: C. D. Hill, J. Merker, Zh. Nie)
"Accidental CR structures" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: C. D. Hill, J. Merker, Zh. Nie)
"Homogeneous C21 Models" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: Wei-Guo Foo, J. Merker, The-Anh Ta)
"Ants and bracket generating distributions in dimension 5 and 6" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-author: A. Agrachev)
"Poincare–Einstein approach to Penrose's Conformal Cyclic Cosmology" [published.pdf ]
"Conformally flat models in Penrose's Conformal Cyclic Cosmology" [arxiv.pdf ]
"Radiative Poincare type eon and its follower" [arxiv.pdf ]
"Para-Kähler-Einstein 4-manifolds and non-integrable twistor distributions" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-authors: G. Bor, O. Makhmali)
"Five-dimensional para-CR manifolds and contact projective geometry in dimension three" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-author: J. Merker)
"On degenerate para-CR structures: Cartan reduction and homogeneous models" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-author: J. Merker)
"On certain classes of Sp(2,R) symmetric G2 structures" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ]
"A car as parabolic geometry" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: C. D. Hill)
"New explicit Lorentzian Einstein-Weyl structures in 3-dimensions" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: J. Merker)
"Aerodynamics of flying saucers" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: M. Eastwood)
"Aerobatics of flying saucers" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: M. Eastwood)
"The geometry of marked contact Engel structures" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: G. Mano, K. Sagerschnig)
"Apparent evidence for Hawking points in the CMB Sky" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-authors: D. An, K. Meissner, R. Penrose)
"Conformal Walker metrics and linear Fefferman-Graham equations" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: I. Anderson, Th. Leistner, A. Lischewski)
"How the green light was given for gravitational wave search" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-author: C. D. Hill)
"Ring Type Structures in the Planck map of the CMB" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: D. An, K. Meissner)
"Sp(3,R) Monge geometries in dimension 8" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-author: I. Anderson)
"New relations between G2-geometries in dimensions 5 and 7" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: Th. Leistner, K. Sagerschnig)
"Conformal transformations and the beginning of the Universe" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: K. Meissner)
"The dancing metric, G2-symmetry and projective rolling" [arxiv.pdf ] (co-authors: G. Bor, L. H. Lamoneda)
"A Goldberg-Sachs theorem in dimension three" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: A. Taghavi-Chabert )
"Explicit ambient metrics and holonomy" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-authors: I. Anderson, Th. Leistner)
"Generalised Ricci Solitons" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: M. Randall)
"Non-Rigid Parabolic Geometries of Monge Type" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-authors: I. Anderson, Zh. Nie)
"On exceptional contact geometries" [notes.pdf], talk at ANU on 25th October 2013
"Symmetric (2,3,5) distributions, an interesting ODE of 7th order and Plebanski metric" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: D. An)
"Calculus and invariants on almost complex manifolds, including projective and conformal geometry" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: A. R. Gover)
"Twistor space for rolling bodies" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: D. An)
"Structures in the microwave background radiation" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-authors: K. Meissner, B. Ruszczycki)
"Analog of selfduality in dimension nine" [arxiv.pdf ] [crelle.pdf ] (co-author: A. Fino)
"Conformal pure radiation with parallel rays" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: Th. Leistner)
"Is dark energy meaningless?" [arxiv.pdf ] [published.pdf ]
"Projective vs metric structures" [ .pdf ] [published.pdf ]
"Sharp version of the Goldberg-Sachs theorem" [ .pdf ] (co-authors: A. R. Gover, C. D. Hill)
"Differential equations and para-CR structures" [ .pdf ] (co-author: C. D. Hill)
"Split octonions and Maxwell equations" [ .pdf ]
"Conformal structures with G2-ambient metrics" [ .pdf ], [published.pdf ] (co-author: Th Leistner)
"Geometry of third-order ODEs" [ .pdf ] (co-author: M Godlinski)
"Ambient metrics for n-dimensional pp-waves" [ .pdf ](co-author: Th Leistner)
"Intrinsic geometry of oriented congruences in three dimensions" [ .pdf ] [published.pdf ] (co-author: C D Hill)
"Twisting type N vacuums with cosmological constant" [ .pdf ]
"On Penrose's `before the big bang' ideas" [ .pdf ] (co-author: C D Hill)
"Comment on GL(2,R) geometry of 4th order ODEs" [ .pdf ]
"GL(2,R) geometry of ODE's" [ .pdf ] (co-authors: M Godlinski)
"Einstein's equations and the embedding of 3-dimensional CR manifolds" [ .pdf ] (co-authors: C D Hill, J Lewandowski)
"Conformal structures with explicit ambient metrics and conformal G2 holonomy" [ .pdf ]
"Deforming a Lie algebra by means of a 2-form" [ .pdf ]
"Construction of conjugate functions" [ .pdf ]
"CR structures and asymptotically flat spaces" [ .pdf ] (co-author E T Newman)
"Special Riemannian geometries modeled on distinguished symmetric spaces", [ .ps ] [ .pdf ]
"Distinguished dimensions for special Riemannian geometries", [ .pdf ]
"On three-dimensional Weyl structures with reduced holonomy", [ .pdf ] [ .ps ] (co-author M Godlinski)
"Irreducible SO(3) geometry in dimension five", [ .ps ] [ .pdf ] (co-author M Bobienski)
"Third order ODEs and four-dimensional split signature Einstein metrics", [ .ps ] [ .pdf ] (co-author M Godlinski)
"Differential equations and conformal structures" [ .ps ] [ .pdf ]
"Obstructions to conformally Einstein metrics in n dimensions " [ .ps ] [ .pdf ] (co-author: A R Gover)
"Conformal Lorentzian metrics on the spaces of curves and 2-surfaces" [ .pdf ] (co-authors: S Frittelli, E T Newman)
"3-dimensional CR structures and 2nd order ordinary differential equations" [.pdf] [ .ps ] (co-author: G A J Sparling)
"Conformal Einstein equations and Cartan conformal connection" [.pdf] [ .ps ] (co-authors: C. Kozameh, E.T. Newman)
"Projective connections associated with second order ODEs" [.pdf] [ .ps ] (co-author: E.T. Newman)
"Cartan Normal Conformal Connections from Differential Equations" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ](co-authors: S. Frittelli, C. Kozameh, E.T. Newman)
"Generalized forms and their applications" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ](co-author: D. C. Robinson)
"Robinson manifolds as the Lorentzian analogs of Hermite manifolds" [ .html ] [ .ps ](co-author: A. Trautman)
"Generalized exterior forms, geometry and space-time" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ](co-author: D. C. Robinson)
"Non-vacuum twisting type N metrics" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ] (co-author: J. F. Plebanski)
"Intrinsic geometry of a null hypersurface" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ] (co-author: D. C. Robinson)
"Locally Sasakian manifolds" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ] (co-authors: M. Godlinski, W. Kopczynski)
"Extension of bundles of null directions" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ] (co-authors: L. Hughston, D. C. Robinson)
"A Four Dimensional Example of Ricci Flat Metric Admitting Almost-Kahler Non-Kahler Structure" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ] (co-aouthor M. Przanowski)
"Elliptic Fibrations Associated with the Einstein Spacetimes" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ]
"On a Certain Formulation of the Einstein Equations" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ]
"Relativistic gravitational fields with close Newtonian analogs" [ .ps ]  (co-authors: E. Schucking, A. Trautman )
"Twistor bundles, Einstein equations and real structures" [ .pdf ] [ .ps ]
"Optical geometries and related structures" [ .pdf ]

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