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e-mail address:

phone (office): +48 22 5532848

fax (office): +48 22 5532995

snail-mail: Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Warsaw, Pasteura 5, 02-093 Warsaw, Poland

office: 4.48



Academic Year 20019/2020:

  1. Theory of Fundamental Interactions

Earlier courses:

  1. Cosmology

  2. Introduction to the Theory of Fundamental Interactions

  3. Particles & Gravity I

  4. Relativistic Quantum Mechanics

  5. Advanced Quantum Field Theory

  6. Theory of Particle Physics

  7. Theories of Electroweak Interactions

Master Theses

List of possible subjects:

  1. Freeze-in revisited

PhD Theses

Recent, present and future subjects:

  1. Multi-Component Dark Matter and Extensions of the Standard Model Scalar Sector - completed

  2. Scalar Fields within Warped Extra Dimension - completed

  3. Vector dark matter - cosmological and collider implications - in progress

  4. Multi-Component Dark Matter Scenarious

  5. Self-Interacting Dark Matter

Scientific interests

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Science outreach

Recent talks

Bohdan Grzadkowski Bohdan Grzadkowski

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