Here our previous seminars from the academic year 2018/19 are listed.

Title (click on it to download the presentation)
5 Oct Paweł Nurowski Kerr's theorem revisited 
12 Oct Ewa Czuchry Cosmological scenarios in Horava-Lifshitz modified theory of gravity 
19 Oct Tomasz Smołka Electromagnetic and gravitational Hopfions 
26 Oct Wojciech Kamiński About self-adjointness of the Klein-Gordon operator 
2 Nov seminar cancelled TBA 
9 Nov Jean Pierre Gazeau The question of mass in (Anti-) de Sitter space-times 
16 Nov Przemysław Małkiewicz Hamiltonian formalism and gauge-fixing conditions for cosmological perturbations 
23 Nov Andrzej Odrzywołek On the black hole - torus system 
30 Nov Marcus Oancea The gravitational spin Hall effect of light 
7 Dec Adam Chudecki Hyperheavenly spaces and congruences of the null strings - some new results 
14 Dec Przemysław Małkiewicz The issue of dynamics in quantum gravity 
21 Dec seminar cancelled  
11 Jan Arman Taghavi-Chabert Twisting shearfree congruences of null geodesics in higher dimensions 
18 Jan seminar cancelled  
25 Jan Maciej Kolanowski What's new(s) at infinity? 
1 Mar Jerzy Lewandowski & Adam Szereszewski Extremal isolated horizons: a new constraint 
8 Mar Marcin Kisielowski Spin-foam model for gravity coupled to massless scalar field 
15 Mar Jan Kwapisz Asymptotic safety in gravity and Conformal Standard Model 
22 Mar Tomasz Pawłowski Semiclassical states, high order quantum corrections and cosmology 
29 Mar Paweł Nurowski Parabolic geometry of a car 
5 Apr Remigiusz Durka Nuts approach to the Taub-NUT space-time 
12 Apr Michele Arzano Accelerated horizons and Planck scale kinematics 
19 Apr seminar cancelled spring break 

The seminars from the academic year 2017/18 are listed here.

Title (click on it to download the presentation)
6 Oct Jerzy Lewandowski Surprising properties of geometric Dirac observables in General Relativity 
13 Oct Jan Kwapisz Conformal Standard Model and Inflation 
20 Oct Dorota Gondek-Rosińska Gravitational wave astronomy 
27 Oct Denis Dobkowski-Ryłko Geometric Characterization of the Kerr-de Sitter Horizon 
3 Nov seminar cancelled  
10 Nov Yongge Ma Loop quantum Brans-Dicke gravity and its cosmological model 
17 Nov Tomasz Pawłowski Anisotropic universe in loop quantum cosmology 
24 Nov Patryk Mach General relativistic disks around black holes: effects of selfgravity 
1 Dec Marek Szczepańczyk Gravitational Waves form Core-Collapse Supernovae 
8 Dec Jacek Jezierski Quasi-local Hamiltonian - four decades of Kijowski's formula 
15 Dec Jerzy Kijowski Theory of radiation: null infinity and Trautman-Bondi energy 
22 Dec seminar cancelled  
29 Dec seminar cancelled Christmas break 
5 Jan seminar cancelled New Year break 
12 Jan seminar cancelled  
19 Jan Jerzy Lewandowski Null surfaces of the Petrov type D 
26 Jan Andrzej Rostworowski Towards a theory of nonlinear gravitational waves: a systematic approach to nonlinear gravitational perturbations in vacuum  
2 Feb seminar cancelled exam session 
9 Feb seminar cancelled exam session 
16 Feb seminar cancelled winter break 
23 Feb seminar cancelled exam session 
2 Mar seminar cancelled  
9 Mar Jerzy Lewandowski Surprising properties of the type D null surfaces 
16 Mar Piotr Chru¶ciel A construction of time-periodic solutions of Einstein equations with a negative cosmological constant 
23 Mar Istvan Racz On the use of evolutionary methods in spaces of Euclidean signature 
30 Mar seminar cancelled spring break 
6 Apr Carmen Li Spacetime in the neighbourhood of Kerr isolated horizon 
13 Apr Jacek Tafel Constraint equations and TT tensors 
20 Apr Gabriele Stagno Quantum cosmology from superposition of graphs 
27 Apr Jerzy Lewandowski The Petrov type D equation on genus > 0 sections of isolated horizons 
4 May seminar cancelled  
11 May seminar cancelled Juwenalia 
18 May Istvan Racz Stationary black holes as holographs 
25 May seminar cancelled Workshop on "Singularities of general relativity and their quantum fate" in the Banach Center 
1 Jun Adam Chudecki Congruences of the null strings - some new results 
8 Jun Andrzej Krasinski Inhomogeneous cosmology by means of exact solutions of Einstein's equations 
15 Jun seminar cancelled  

The seminars from the academic year 2016/17 are listed here.

Title (click on it to download the presentation)
7 Oct Jędrzej ¦wieżewski Observer's observables. Residual diffeomorphisms 
14 Oct Andrzej Krasiński Blueshifts in the Lemaitre-Tolman and quasi-spherical Szekeres models 
21 Oct Adam Szereszewski Kundt's metrics 
28 Oct Suzanne Lanery Polarization-less quantization of free field theories 
4 Nov Krzysztof Belczyński Evolutionary predictions in the advanced LIGO/Virgo era 
11 Nov seminar cancelled National Independence Day 
18 Nov Istvan Racz A new method of constructing binary black hole initial data 
25 Nov Tomasz Pawłowski Feasibility of probing the quantum universe dynamics through midisuperspaces in loop quantization 
2 Dec Andrzej Rostworowski Perturbations around spherically symmetric spacetimes 
9 Dec seminar cancelled Conformal Universe II conference 
16 Dec Jakub Bilski Coupling matter to Quantum Reduced Loop Gravity 
23 Dec seminar cancelled Christmas break 
30 Dec seminar cancelled New Year break 
6 Jan seminar cancelled Epiphany 
13 Jan Maciej Nieszporski Integrable discretisation of Ernst equations 
20 Jan Mehdi Assanioussi Deparametrization of gravity and loop quantization 
27 Jan Łukasz Nakonieczny Starobinsky inflation - loop corrections or new physics? 
3 Feb seminar cancelled exam session 
10 Feb seminar cancelled exam session 
17 Feb seminar cancelled winter break 
24 Feb seminar cancelled winter break 
3 Mar Michał Artymowski Initial conditions for the inflationary Universe 
10 Mar Aneta Wojnar Inflationary cosmology in Palatini formalism 
17 Mar Piotr Chru¶ciel Stationary solutions of Einstein-matter equations with a negative cosmological constant 
24 Mar Jerzy Kijowski Hamiltonian description of radiation phenomena 
31 Mar Yaser Tavakoli The final state of gravitational collapse in (effective) bouncing gravity models 
7 Apr Mikołaj Korzyński Geometric optics and drift effects in GR 
14 Apr seminar cancelled spring break 
21 Apr seminar cancelled  
28 Apr Marcin Kisielowski Relation between Regge calculus and BF theory on manifolds with defects 
5 May Petr Vasko Killing spinor equations: supersymmetry point of view 
12 May Sebastian Szybka Linear perturbations of the near horizon extremal Kerr geometry 
19 May Maciej Dunajski Einstein-Weyl spaces and near horizon geometry 
26 May Jerzy Kowalski-Glikman Quantum symmetries of flat quantum spacetime 
2 Jun Marco de Cesare Cosmological implications of the group field theory approach to quantum gravity 
9 Jun Jerzy Lewandowski Black hole holograph 
22 Sep Krzysztof Bolejko Emergence of spatial curvature 
29 Sep Abhay Ashtekar Gravitation Waves and a Positive $\Lambda$: Challenges and Opportunities 

The seminars from the academic year 2015/16 are listed here.

Title (click on it to download the presentation)
9 Oct Anna Nakonieczna Scalar field as time in the gravitational collapse 
16 Oct Paweł Nurowski Dancing metric, parakähler 4-manifolds, and geometries with conformal sl(3,R) holonomy 
23 Oct Paweł Nurowski Dancing metric, parakähler 4-manifolds, and geometries with conformal sl(3,R) holonomy -- part 2 
30 Oct Norbert Bodendorfer Locality of observable algebras and commutativity of gauge conditions 
6 Nov Piotr Chru¶ciel To i owo o instantonach 
13 Nov Roberto Sussman Modelling large scale cosmic structures with exact solutions of General Relativity 
20 Nov Paweł Mazur Gravitational Condensate Stars: Gravastars 
27 Nov seminar cancelled the 2nd conference of the Polish Society on Relativity: 100 years of general relativity 
4 Dec Piotr Waluk A curious property of near-horizon geometry 
11 Dec Giovanni Giuseppe Moreno Exceptionality of Monge-Ampere equations 
18 Dec Andrzej Krasiński Blueshifts from a non-simultaneous Big Bang may explain the gamma ray bursts 
8 Jan  seminar cancelled 
15 Jan Jerzy Kijowski Energy of gravitational field: a quasi-local, hamiltonian approach 
22 Jan Wojciech Kryński Webs and Einstein-Weyl geometry 
26 Feb Andrzej Królak Detection of gravitational waves 
4 Mar Michał Artymowski Quasi de Sitter Universe from general f(R) theory 
11 Mar Krzysztof Meissner Konforemna Kosmologia Cykliczna Penrose'a 
18 Mar Tomasz Smołka Hamiltonian dynamics in asymptotically Kerr spacetimes. Quasi-local mass in Kerr spacetime 
25 Mar Easter seminar cancelled 
1 Apr seminar cancelled  
8 Apr Mikołaj Korzyński Nonlinear effects and coarse-graining in general relativity 
15 Apr Seishi Enomoto Influence of interaction terms on non-perturbative particle production 
22 Apr Piotr Waluk Degrees of freedom of weak gravitational field on a spherically symmetric background 
29 Apr Marek Kalinowski Non-symmetric Kaluza-Klein theory 
6 May Jan Gutt Some exotic cousins of Kerr's theorem 
13 May Sebastian Szybka Backreaction for Einstein-Rosen waves coupled to a massless scalar field 
20 May Norbert Bodendorfer How does loop quantum cosmology work? 
27 May seminar cancelled  
3 Jun Wojciech Kulczycki Fale grawitacyjne i zasada Huygensa w modelach kosmologicznych 
10 Jun Jacek Tafel 2-dimensional isothermic surfaces 
24 Jun Donald Salisbury Léon Rosenfeld and Noether Symmetry Generators 

The seminars from the academic year 2014/15 are listed here.

Title (click on it to download the presentation)
3 Oct Bianca Dittrich The continuum limit of loop quantum gravity: A framework for solving the theory 
10 Oct Andrzej Dragan Ideal clocks - a convenient fiction 
17 Oct Casey Tomlin A novel weak-coupling limit of Euclidean gravity I: Motivation and classical aspects 
24 Oct Anna Nakonieczna Dynamical gravitational collapse 
31 Oct seminar cancelled  
7 Nov Marek Abramowicz The perihelion of Mercury 
14 Nov Tomasz Smołka Simple description of Maxwell field on Kerr background 
21 Nov Jan Gutt The Wei-Norman equations via cominuscule induction 
28 Nov Paweł Nurowski Generalized Ricci solitons 
5 Dec Michał Artymowski Inflation and dark energy from f(R) and Brans-Dicke theories 
12 Dec Mariusz D±browski Weak singularities and varying constants 
19 Dec Tomasz Bulik Teleskop Einsteina 
9 Jan Andrea Dapor Rainbows from Quantum Gravity 
16 Jan Piotr Chru¶ciel Bifurcating solutions of the constraint equations 
23 Jan Marek Demiański Planck mission - (almost) final results 
30 Jan winter break  
6 Feb winter break  
13 Feb winter break  
20 Feb winter break  
27 Feb Piotr Sułkowski Chern-Simons theory and quantum enumerative geometry 
6 Mar Sebastian Szybka Inhomogeneities and the Green-Wald framework: exact solutions 
13 Mar Przemysław Witaszczyk Holographic marriage of geometry and field theory: using AdS/CFT to understand hydrodynamics 
20 Mar Andrzej Okołów Kinematic quantum states for the Teleparallel Equivalent of General Relativity 
27 Mar Jerzy Lewandowski Generally Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 
3 Apr Easter break  
10 Apr Steffen Aksteiner Properties of Killing spinors 
17 Apr Przemysław Małkiewicz Time issue in quantum gravity 
24 Apr Marek Abramowicz The black hole accretion disk theory 
1 May national holiday  
8 May Maciej Dunajski Nierelatywistyczne twistory i teoria Newtona-Cartana 
15 May Jędrzej ¦wieżewski General Relativity in Radial Gauge 
22 May Jerzy Kijowski Discretization of Einstein's equations: why and how? 
29 May Jacek Tafel An energy inequality on the event horizon in the Bondi-Sachs metrics 
5 Jun seminar cancelled